What 2022 has Taught Me pt. 1/12


We tend to share our reflections every end of the year. Reflection through journaling is very important to me because it gives me so much healing and peace. It's something I've been doing since 2020 so here I am, trying to record and finally share what 2022 has taught me so far. 🤍

1. On Career:

Sometimes, your focus and goals could actually shift easily, and it's okay.

Goal setting vs. Goal-shifting. First week of January, I've been checking requirements and fees for me to work abroad. The next week, I decided that it's not yet realistic in my financial capacity. But no worries, even if man plans hard, God will still implement. What's yours is yours. The dream is just there as it called me.

2. On Self-Care:

Allocating budget and giving comfort to yourself is also self-care.

Been working for almost 5 years already and this year is the first time I appreciated commuting via Grab or Taxi. No guilt as long as you know you have the privilege, then do it. Also, if I feel any pain when working, then I need to find a solution to feel comfortable. I bought an ergonomic mouse for a change. :)

3. On Fulfillment:

Sometimes, purchasing something essential to protect your family is already a form of fulfillment.

I bought my mom and my brother health insurances. Still a worthy purchase! I remember a quote from a book that says "You're not really giving when you're not sacrificing", and I finally understood this.

4. On Routines:

It's a great practice to reflect weekly.

I bought a planner journal with weekly reflections and I make sure to write there immediately if I feel something that struck me - like all of these learnings I'm sharing. I also record my daily highlights to remind me of what each day made me feel!

5. On Productivity:

I realized that when I am productive in the morning, it continues the whole day.

Capture and maximize that moment when you feel energetic, and when not, just keep moving. Acknowledge happy whistles around you and practice the attitude of gratitude by appreciating "little" things through silent whispers of “Thank You”.

6. On Finances:

To feel weak is to acknowledge that I am dependent to God - which is something the Lord wants from me.

Being worried with finances sometimes, I just needed to offer it to Him and align my goals to His will. I am already "full", not just “enough”. What I am seeking for are just “additional”. I just read this last night and it’s just timely to share: “Don’t wear yourself out to get rich; stop giving your attention to it”. Proverbs 23:4

7. On Worshipping:

It was a nice feeling to just watch the clouds and acknowledge how small you are in God’s eyes.

I was intently connecting to the nature and a random grateful cry is such a beautiful feeling. Try it!

Hope these 7 Lessons I learned this January somehow gave you insight and reflection about our temporary life. This is what my journaling and reflection looks like. I am excited of the things I will learn more this month of February. To peace, healing, and redirection for the months to come! ❤



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